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Hybrid Power for Mining

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With 100% direct fuel savings during solar hours

Diesel technology


The Danvest Power Box® houses a conventional diesel generator fitted with the unique Danvest system.

A Danvest fitted diesel engine has the ability to operate from 100% all the way down to zero load. At surplus solar energy the generator goes in reverse operation and fuel consumption drops towards zero. The engine can also be declutched from the alternator to stop. At all times the engine responds very fast on needed load, always ensuring a fast and stable spinning reserve. The dump­load controller assists the operation and secures a dynamic load balance between solar fluctuations and variations in energy demand.


Third party solar systems simply connect to the Danvest Power Box and the system is ready to save fuel.

The combination provides high diesel fuel savings and a reliable power supply 24/7. The fuel savings are obtained by using solar energy in a direct way, without using energy storage applications. Solar systems of all major brands can be connected to the Danvest Power Box that uses CAT or Cummins diesel engines inside. The Danvest system at all times secures a dynamic load balance while keeping power quality at 50/60 Hz. The combination is easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to operate.


As Danvest is able to low-load down to zero load, all available solar hours will create 100% direct fuel savings.

Large amounts of solar capacity can be installed (possibly exceeding engine capacity) as Danvest is capable to handle large energy intermittencies. The CAPEX of a Danvest based solar-diesel power plant is more than offset by the direct fuel savings of 30 to 40% per year, assuming a normal 24 hour demand cycle. Compared to more complex solutions, Danvest provides up to twice as much diesel fuel savings at equal payback time as energy storage systems can be avoided. After payback the LCOE drops steeply.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Buy or lease hybrid power
- Cut operational costs and be future solid with solar energy -


The Danvest operating entity can be organized and financed in many ways, with or without power off-take agreements.

  • Danvest offers a straightforward diesel-based solution that is easy to install and has a design lifetime of up to 20 years.
  • Direct fuel savings are 30 to 40% per year based on a 24 hour demand cycle, enabling a payback time of 4 to 6 years.



The Danvest system provides its high fuel savings without the use of energy storage. Each solar hour creates 100% direct fuel savings as Danvest fitted diesel engines are able to 'low load' down to zero load or even stop.

Projects can be optimized to the point that during the day PV capacity replaces 100% of diesel engine capacity (100% solar penetration) without the use of energy storage.


When conditions allow, leasing or partial leasing of all equipment is possible. The leased equipment has a high degree of standardization and will be offered in an own and operate configuration.

Also ask for the rental options.


By adding energy storage systems (ESS) you can increase the overall fuel savings. Danvest helps to keep the needed amount of storage capacity as low as possible, helps to minimize battery cycles and therefore helps to dramatically increase battery life.

Medium speed

One can make a medium-speed power plant able to go into the high solar penetration area by adding Danvest fitted high-speed diesel engines. The Danvest system will cope with the fast solar fluctuations and, when PV output allows, will switch medium speed engines on or off. At night, the medium speed engines can be used in a conventional way.

Wind turbines

An alternative energy source to increase fuel savings are wind turbines. A pioneering wind turbine can be added to the Danvest system to measure wind patterns for 6 to 12 months while providing power and direct fuel savings (earn back). When feasible, more turbines can be installed. The Danvest system is ready for this as it can handle both wind and solar.

Map Energy Mix Australia

In summer, irradiance will be greatest over the equator and the northern hemisphere, the latter having longer days.

Map Energy Mix Australia

The energy mix of MINING

The Deloitte reports - Tracking the trends / Mining - state; “The capital costs for renewables have dropped considerably in recent years, pushing many alternatives below the price of diesel. This is especially true for solar installations, whose costs have fallen by close to 50% over the past decade. More significantly, the all-in costs for renewable energy installations are hard to beat.

Although renewable installations have higher up-front capital costs than diesel or gas plants, lower operating costs combined with the ability to lock in fixed energy prices significantly push down total project costs, resulting in fuel savings of anywhere from 10% to 40%. New technologies are also addressing concerns around power intermittency. Innovations in battery technology enable power storage, data analytic solutions help companies synchronize workflow to meet the availability of renewable energy, and hybrid systems, like diesel linked to a renewable energy source, are already being used successfully to achieve predictable power reliability.

Finally, while the technologies associated with renewables will certainly continue to evolve, renewable power will increasingly become a normal component of the energy mix, particularly for remote projects, enabling companies to follow a proven integration process.”

Michael Eckhart, global head of environmental finance at Citigroup said: “Solar power is proving commercially viable and low risk, drawing interest from investors traditionally interested in conventional generators. This is the decade of innovation in the finance of clean energy."
(Source: Fortune's Brainstorm E conference 2015, Austin)

fuel savings
Fully financed
Can be added to existing diesel power stations
The Danvest system easily combines with wind turbines
Danvest's smart operation improves battery life and its operation
May also qualify for renewable energy programmes


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